miércoles, 30 de enero de 2013

Nobody Knows Me

Sometimes I feel disappointed in myself, I failed almost anything, sometimes I wish for death, but I also know that is cowardice, who cares?, The world disgusts me, I feel powerless against the errors of others and more with my own. I feel like I'm fucking many times and knowing I still do. I have wanted to cry and mourn and doing nothing changes. I can not find the love of a couple even. I dreamed of my own death, but I have no fear, fuck, if you happen to occur, fuck. The only thing I wish is to have a child, that would make me so happy, I also dreamed that. But worry bring into this world where it seems that only care about money and what you appear. I have no money, I have no powerful friends, I have no mother, I have no chutzpah. I have anger and love. Sometimes not if I still care transcend spiritually, sometimes not even care anymore. Nobody knows me.

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