miércoles, 28 de julio de 2010




Yesterday afternoon, came to my house my Highschool Lover, came with his friend Chester. It was a hot afternoon and relaxed, fragrant and fruity. We ended up doing a kind of menage a trois light and deep, which he much enjoyed, we laughed a lot, not because lately I am very prone to sensuality, I light it up quickly. I'll be bringing to mind?, Do not know, I have not asked, not if I want. After several shots wet, we have come up for air in the garden. I like my Highschool Lover, I want it, but I'm not in love. I may like many men or women, I have enjoyed, enjoy and enjoy some others, but I know that deep down I hope only one will be the only, love without selfishness, but totally for him. The smell of his skin, the caress of his eyes with a soft heart like mine, and the iron will, beautiful, good, look of thunder ... We recognize immediately, soon.


martes, 20 de julio de 2010

El Maestro de Kung Fu - José Watanabe

Un cuerpo viejo pero trabajado para la pelea
madruga y danza
frente a los arenales de Barranco
Se mueve como dibujando
una rúbrica antigua, con esa gracia, y
sin embargo, está hiriendo, buscando el punto
de muerte
de su enemigo, el aire no, un invisible
de mil años.
Su enemigo ataca con movimientos de animales
y el maestro los replica
en su carne: tigre, águila o serpiente van sucediéndose
en la infinita coreografía
de evitamientos y desplantes.
Ninguno vence nunca, ni él ni él,
y mañana volverán a enfrentarse.
-Usted ha supuesto que yo creo a mi adversario
cuando danzo- me dice el maestro.
Y niega, muy chino, y sólo dice: él me hace danzar a mí.

(Del libro Cosas del cuerpo)

domingo, 18 de julio de 2010


My Highschool Lover ever comes in the hardest moments of my inner struggles. It comes to comfort me , come to smoke me, to be filled with life and joy. He is so young, but not so innocent (happily). It fills me with joy to see his face full of pleasure, when we share those moments.
Today was very cold, too difficult, the weather was bad outside and inside, but it happened.
For various reasons that sometimes creep fill me with a deadly hatred against mankind, despite being one of them. The hated, I felt really crappy, a mistake to put this species as "dominant" to put it mildly, of this planet, I thought things very ugly. I have not yet entirely clear, but the hatred has passed, not want to have the feelings within me.
When I got home a cute baby hug me and erased all bad, was really magical and very grateful for that. After calm was consolidated.
Several days ago I missed my Highschool Lover, and we had not seen much in recent days is that you have moved to another area further away. I was sitting in the front yard, thinking about it, when I touch the door and invited me to smile for a ride in his ship. After hay come to my room and made me forget all the remnants of hatred, destroyed, rather me how to annihilate them. I enjoyed our happiness too wet, the smell of bodies, the kissed skin. With its lush forest was the pleasure and we have drunk up to almost faint, only a little and magical instant.
AIR-Highschool Lover (Instrumental)


jueves, 1 de julio de 2010

Sábado - Christina Rosenvinge

Que gran artista que es Christina, felizmente ya la hemos tenido en Perú, espero que vuelva pronto.

Borges - Sábados

Afuera hay un ocaso, alhaja oscura
engastada en el tiempo,
y una honda ciudad ciega
de hombres que no te vieron.
La tarde calla o canta.
Alguien descrucifica los anhelos
clavados en el piano.
Siempre, la multitud de tu hermosura.
A despecho de tu desamor
tu hermosura
prodiga su milagro por el tiempo.
Esta en ti la ventura
como la primavera en la hoja nueva.
Ya casi no soy nadie,
soy tan solo ese anhelo
que se pierde en la tarde.
En ti esta la delicia
como esta la crueldad en las espadas.

Agravando la reja esta la noche.
En la sala severa
se buscan como ciegos nuestras dos soledades.
Sobrevive a la tarde
la blancura gloriosa de tu carne.
En nuestro amor hay una pena
que se parece al alma.

que ayer solo eras toda hermosura
eres tambien todo amor, ahora.


Gracias! Muchas Gracias Querido Dios!!!